How to get married in the sims mobile

How to get married in the sims mobile

Are you also one of those playing the Sims mobile game from a while now? If yes then, you may be thinking that it’s time to get settled down. Well, to get settled around, it is important for you to find that special sim and then convince them to get married to you. But now, the major question is how you will marry them or get your knot tied with?

Well, here in this guide, we are going to provide you all the essential details that you are required to know about the relationships both romantic and platonic. Here, you will get to know how you can meet or choose your soul mate. In the guide given here will help you out in getting married and moving further in your life with your partner. So, let’s get started.

Sims mobile relationship guide

The Sims tutorial helps the players in getting essential details about developing the relationships. It is the natural fact that every relationship starts with introduction, friendship and then only the lifelong decision gets taken. Yes, we are going to discuss the most crucial step that is getting married.

Marriage is something that will take a lot of time and energy along with little door if you are willing to put off in the Sims mobile. To get married, here is a list of things you need to do.

Reach experience level 7

Without reaching level 7, you will not be able to get married. To unlock the marriage option, it is important for you to reach experience level at a 7 in the overall game.


Along with the “a level 7” in the game experience, it’s also important for you to need a relationship level 7 with the sim so that you can propose him for her or ask questions related to marriage.

Complete the wedding collection

If you are willing to get married, then it is important for you to have all the right here. Once the other person has accepted the proposal, then you need to purchase the three wedding collection items.

The wedding collection items can easily be availed with the help of given steps:

  • First, you need to move the cursor towards the furniture menu given at the right-hand side of the game screen
  • The build menu icon will get displayed, hit on it
  • Select and hit on the tab representing the home item collection
  • Swipe over until you get the wedding collection as per your requirements.
  • Complete the purchasing process of these three items
  • Finally place them in your yard.

Start the wedding

Wedding arch is one of the major items that should be included in the wedding collection. Once you place the arch in the yard, hit on it and then you will eventually get the option of getting married. Now choose your loved ones from the list, and then the wedding will get started. In case you didn’t reached level 8 of the relationship, then the process will become longer, and you will be required to go on some more dates or romantic events.

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